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5 Tips to Best the Stress

Isobel | November 5, 2015

Let’s be real guys. College is different than high school. For some, it may be easier. For others, it’s much harder. Either way, the same old techniques we had in high school aren’t going to cut it, especially when most of us are surrounded by friends all the time. With midterm grades back and finals to come, now is a great time to pull ourselves together. So here are some nifty little tricks that have helped me get a hold of my course load (from a perpetual worrier):

1) Set Goals. I know how stressful it can be when there’s a ton of work to be done and seemingly no time to do it all. So set goals for yourself. Do first what absolutely must be done for tomorrow and then add on one or two doable things so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and can work to the best of your ability. And if you finish your goals and feel inspired, then perhaps do more, but even if you don’t do much extra work, you’ll still feel accomplished and, if you plan your days well, you can get all your work done!

2) Attend SI sessions/see tutors! If you’re honestly not getting it in class or you’re stressing about a big test, visit SI sessions or see a subject tutor. If you’re not following the class, students who had and passed your class can help you understand. If you think you understand what is going on in class, then the SI leader or tutor will only make you more confident in what you’re doing. Either way, you’ll be less stressed.

3) Visit the writing center! Handing in that paper can be stressful and sometimes even starting it is a struggle. Visit the Sheekey Writing Center in Olney Hall 203 and let them help you! They can give you great advice for writing that paper and, when you finish, they can tell you how to improve.

4)  Let your friends help. Sometimes your greatest assets are your fellow classmates. If you don’t get something, ask for help. If you know your stuff but are still nervous, then meet with your peers and study together. They can point something out that you may have missed or help you to better understand a concept.

5) VENT. Stress can be incredibly crippling if you don’t let it out in a productive way.  Stress can build up until working is too difficult.  Then you find yourself freaking out about your stress and the work that you can’t get done because of your stress. There’s no way you can do your best work under stressful circumstances. So let it out. Call your mom (or insert comforting familial figure here) and tell her about what you’re going through. Talk to your friends about how stressed you are because they probably agree with you and need to vent just as much as you do. Before you know it, you’re laughing or crying or whatever it is you do to let out some anxiety, but no matter what you’re feeling better.

So there you go. That’s all I can offer you in terms of advice. These are admittedly generic but they’ll probably help you. If these don’t work for you, try asking your teacher or advisor for new ways to get a handle on the rest of the semester. Now is the time to make a turnaround if you didn’t do so hot earlier, so don’t despair friends. You can do this! Hopefully these help you best the stress.