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Where to Study 101

Kathleen Moyer | August 26, 2014

When you begin your first semester of college and start studying and completing your assigned readings, you’ll find that some places on campus are more conducive to studying than others. Therefore, it’s important to try studying in different areas at first to determine which areas are the best for you. In order to help out with this a little, I’ve created a list of the best 3 and worst 3 areas I’ve studied at on campus. Obviously your experiences may differ, so you’ll have to test these areas by trial and error.


1. Starbucks

In my opinion, this is the best place I have studied on campus. This is mostly due to the fact that subtle background noise helps me concentrate. When I study at home, I usually have my iPod or TV on, but pay little attention to either. At Starbucks the slight noise of people talking and the baristas working has the same effect. I usually sit in one of the back booths with a latte while I study. That way I can still be somewhat secluded and still able to hear the background noise. The drinks help me to concentrate as well, and it always smell great in there, which is also a plus. However if you need silence to concentrate and/or dislike Starbucks, this probably would not be the best place for you.

2. Library

This one is pretty obvious. It’s most people’s go-to place to study, which makes sense since it has computers, printers, copiers, group study rooms, and every book you can imagine. If you want to study in complete silence, you can go to the third floor which is the silent floor. The second floor is also a good option, as you are only supposed to whisper there. If you are studying in a group, then you can go to the first or ground floors where you can speak normally, as well as the group study rooms which exist for that specific purpose. The only downside to studying at the library is that it can get extremely hot in there. Some people have told me that the heat has made them fall asleep while studying, but I feel like the temperature and the material are equally to blame.

3. The Holroyd Lobby

As a Communication major and Marketing minor, I’ve only had a few classes in the Holroyd Science Center. However, I do go to Holroyd fairly often to study. It’s usually pretty quiet, I find the chairs comfortable, the temperature is normally bearable, and for some reason I like the big windows in the lobby. All of these factors combined have made it one of my favorite studying areas. I always see other students studying in there as well, so I know that plenty of others feel the same way.


1. The Commuter Lounge

As many of you are residents, you won’t have the experience of attempting to study in the commuter lounge. However, for those of you who are commuters, I can assure you that I have not had much success with studying in the commuter lounge. There’s simply no way you can sit in a small hallway crammed with upwards of 20 people and remain completely focused on your work. It’s usually much too loud for that. Sometimes there are quiet periods in the lounge (usually in the morning), but it is generally a bad place to study, yet a great place to hang out.

2. The Independence Blue Cross Fitness Center (The Gym)

Okay, I know this sounds like a bad idea from the get-go, but if you’re a gym rat like me, sometimes you just don’t want to choose between study time and gym time so you try to combine them. I’ve seen others try it too, so don’t judge me! There’s a little ledge on all of the cardio machines that seems like a perfect place to sit your notebook so you can study…until you start. When I tried to squeeze in an extra hour of studying for my Macroeconomics mid-term while working out, I found that my thoughts went more like, “Is this hour over yet? No, the more it hurts, the healthier and fitter I’ll be. Why does that spot on my shin always hurt when I run? Should I get off the treadmill for a second to open the window? Does this mean I can have ice cream later? I’m soooo tired.” In other words, if you try to study while working out, I bet that your mind will be about 90% on your work out, and 10% on your studying.

3. Union Food Court/Treetops/B&G

If you ever think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll just study during lunch,” think again. It will most likely be difficult for you to focus in any of the areas where you get your meals. It gets very loud and people are constantly walking through at lunch and dinner time. These factors alone can pull your attention away from you work. If you do leave you studying go until lunch, it’s best to buy it and then take it somewhere quieter and more isolated to study.



1. The Main Quad

For those of you who don’t know what the Main Quad is, it’s the grassy area between the Campus Store and College Hall. How can this area be the one of the best and worst areas to study you ask? Well, it goes without saying that it would be a bad idea to study here when it’s cold out. However, when the weather is nice at the beginning of the Fall semester and end of the Spring semester, it seems like it would be nice to study here. Sometimes it is, as it’s nice to just be outdoors, in the fresh air, with the sun on you. Other times, however, it’s not. This is namely when there is a particularly large amount of bugs out. I feel like I have great concentration, but seeing a bug will never fail to completely break it. This has happened to me a couple times while studying on the Main Quad. Allergies may also be a problem for some people. Therefore, this area can truly be a hit or miss if you despise bugs, like me, or have bad allergies.


Let me know if you agree or disagree with my assessments in the comments. It would be natural for some to disagree, since everyone has different studying habits and different experiences. For example, if I lived on campus, my dorm room would probably one of my favorite places to study, but because I don’t, I can’t say that for certain. I just wanted to give you my honest opinion based on my experiences at La Salle so far. When you begin your classes, you just have to find your own favorite spots. Good luck in your studies and in finding the best spots for you!