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Tips for a Bookstore Haul

Kathleen Moyer | August 6, 2015

If you’re an incoming first-year student and you haven’t been to La Salle’s Bookstore yet, I’d suggest going sometime before you start classes.  There, you can buy La Salle gear, dorm essentials, and much more. I recently stopped at the bookstore, and compiled a list of things at the store which first-year students would probably find useful. Here’s what I found:

La Salle t-shirt

I’m sure many of you have already purchased one of these at Day ONE or received one as a graduation gift. For those of you who haven’t, wearing a La Salle shirt is a great way to show off your spirit. Don’t listen to people who tell you not to wear your school’s sprit gear because it’s a “freshman” thing to do. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors wear spirit gear all the time too. If a shirt catches your eye, buy it. It will be the first of 100 La Salle shirts you’ll own by the time you graduate.

Bookstore - La Salle t-shirt


La Salle hoodie

This is another college essential. Yes, they’re a little pricy, but even if you don’t purchase a La Salle hoodie now, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll have one by the end of your first semester anyway. Most students end up wearing hoodies to class 92.7% of the time, so you’ll probably get a lot of wear out of it.

Bookstore - La Salle hoodie

Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac

Although I’ve commuted every year, I’m sure that college dorms/townhouses/apartments/off-campus houses get dirty very quickly. If I were a resident or off-campus student, I would definitely want to have one of these. This vacuum is very portable and handy, making it great for cleaning up dirt quickly.

Bookstore - Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac

Stacking drawers

You will probably want to bring a lot of stuff with you to La Salle, but unfortunately, most dorms don’t offer the luxury of space to store all of your things. That’s why it’s wise to get some kind of storage container, like stacking drawers. The stacking drawers at the Bookstore would be perfect for a dorm because…well, the drawers can be stacked, allowing you to make the most of the space that you have.

Bookstore - Stacking drawers

Bunk Buddy

I don’t know about you, but I keep a lot of things on my bedside table at home including my alarm clock, a water bottle, a lamp, hair ties, sometimes a book, and my phone while I’m sleeping. If you’re like me, this could be a problem in a dorm, where you may not have a bedside table. That’s why, if I were a resident, I would probably have a Bunk Buddy. The Bunk Buddy clips onto the side of a bed, and can be used to hold things that you would normally put on a bedside table, while taking up minimal room.

Bookstore - Bunk Buddy

iHome Wireless

This tiny Bluetooth speaker is ideal for listening to music in your dorm when you don’t want to have headphones on. Not only is it small, but it can also be taken anywhere, making it even more convenient.

Bookstore - iHome Wireless

Travel mug

If you do choose to make your own coffee it would also be a good idea to have a travel mug, so you can take your coffee with you to class. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for one, the La Salle mugs at the Bookstore are very nice looking and seem to be of great quality.

Bookstore - Travel mug

Reusable water bottle

The Bookstore also sells La Salle water bottles. Reusable water bottles are great to have in college because they allow you to take water wherever you go, without having to purchase individual water bottles all the time. Also, most college students don’t drink as much water as they should, so one of these can help you get into the habit of drinking water throughout the day.

Bookstore - Reusable water bottle

Throw blanket

If you’re like most college students, you’ll probably take a lot of naps.  It would be a pain to remake your bed each time that you take a nap, so it’s a good idea to buy a throw blanket to curl up under whenever you just want a quick nap.

Bookstore - Throw blanket

Portable charger

A portable charger will come in handy a lot, especially if you’re a commuter. I can’t tell you how many times my phone has died while I’ve been on the bus. It also dies very quickly in the winter while I’m waiting at my bus stop, as the cold drains the battery. In these cases, a portable charger would be very useful to me.

Bookstore - Portable charger

Kanex Charge and Sync Cable with Lightning Connector

Let’s face it; everyone hates Apple chargers. Why do they make them so short? When I charge my phone in my room, the cord doesn’t reach my bed, and I hate having to stand in the corner of the room next to my outlet if I’m texting or talking to someone for an extended period of time. Yes, I realize that this is a perfect example of a first world problem, but it’s annoying nonetheless. That’s why extra-long charging cables are great. Not only do I use them at home, but I’ve also used them in classrooms and lounges at La Salle, so I always keep one in my backpack.

Bookstore - Kanex Charge and Sync Cable with Lightning Connector

Outside-of-class reading material

If you love reading, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to have a whole lot of time to read outside of your course material. However, if you find reading relaxing like me, you should still always keep a book that you enjoy on hand. The Bookstore has a display of books that are popular on college campuses across the country and I enjoy looking at the display every once in a while to see what other college students are reading. If you like reading, it’s worth checking the display out and maybe picking up a book to help you unwind when you’re stressed out.

Bookstore - Outside-of-class reading material


Next time you’re in the Bookstore, keep an eye out for these things, and look around for other things you may need that I haven’t listed. I should also mention that the Bookstore now has a mobile app which includes rental due date reminders, order notifications, and exclusive discounts. When you download the app, you instantly get 25% any spirit item. Take advantage of this discount when you’re purchasing your first La Salle t-shirt or hoodie! For any upperclassmen reading this, is there anything you’ve purchased at the bookstore which could be useful to first year students? Leave a comment below!