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Welcome to Hell –O October

Isobel | October 1, 2015

I should preface this post by pointing out that some people happen to be Christmas people or Thanksgiving people. My roommate and I on the other hand are Halloween people, and on the outset there’s nothing weird about that. There is also nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your room. In fact, who doesn’t love sprucing up their room to match their aesthetic? I can’t imagine that anyone out there doesn’t decorate their room at all. Also, my roommate and I both come from families that weren’t really interested in decorating or going all out for Halloween.

Phew. Now that that is out of the way, I can confidently tell you that my roommate and I have gone too far. What started out as a pumpkin hand towel quickly became candy corn lights and now is a veritable nightmare complete with music and decorations galore. You may have guessed it. We’ve made our dorm as creepy as physically possible on a college budget.

Here is the view from our window


We’ve strung up red and orange lights to tint the room with a reddish hue and have attached spider-webs to those lights and our desks and our door and our windows and our doorknob…. No spider-web is complete of course without a fake spider attached of which we have plenty dangling around.


To complete the experience my roommate and I have committed to playing a 13 song playlist of “creepy Halloween” songs all day, every day. We’ve literally committed to listening to the same 13 songs all day until October 31.

Our room is already so creepy that a few of our friends have fled. As if this isn’t crazy enough, we’re not finished. My roommate has ordered a skeleton for the room. That’s right friends, I am going to be living with a skeleton for the rest of the year. I will be doing my homework and reading and watching tv with a literal sack of bones. And as if the soundtrack isn’t terrifying enough (which, I assure you, it is. Anyone heard the song playing in the background of the new Suicide Squad trailers? That’s on our playlist) we’ve decided to download sounds of footsteps and cackling and howling to complete the picture.

We’ve also committed to watching Halloween movies every night until Halloween. So between the constant sound of fear, the hellish lights, the spiders, and movies about murderers, I won’t be sleeping much. Hopefully this decision doesn’t impact my grades or… well… drive me insane. I’m hopeful, but it’s only the first day so realistically that hope will die because I have created my own circle of hell in which to sleep (or cry…). But hey, if you’re looking to terrify yourself, follow in my footsteps and “spookify” your dorm room. Or don’t. You may still respect yourself if you don’t… Pray for me.