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Advice I wish someone told me . . . .

Joseph Rogers | March 14, 2016


Within a month or so, you will be registering for Fall 2016 courses, and while the process is the same as registering for spring courses, you still need to be mindful of what courses are required for your major and when they are offered.

Take my situation for example. I am a double major and wanted to add a minor, so I spoke with the director of the minor program and was told that because of my double major, I would have to take one or two courses in the summer in order to graduate on time. Naturally, I investigated myself and when counting required major and core courses, I would be just fine if I took six courses in one semester once or twice. I saved myself several thousand dollars by taking six courses, the maximum, all because I researched on my own rather than blindly listening to one opinion.

The second most important thing to be mindful of is when required courses in your major are offered, because some courses are on a two, or even three year rotation. I am an English major, and while some courses are offered every fall and every spring, some appear every second or third fall. When planning my schedule for the last few semesters, I had to sit down and think about when I would be able to take each class next and also gauge my personal workload.

Don’t be afraid to take six courses or a night class, they don’t bite and we have all done it. Always research and know what you need to take and when. In my situations, I have always guaranteed that my schedules and paperwork are completed correctly by extensively researching and doing it myself. If I would have simply listened to an adviser telling me to take summer courses, I may have listened, but researching made me realize that I did not have to.